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You deserve to own a company that runs without you. A company that generates consistent, generous profits. A company that allows you to take time off to live life.​

Jon O'Malley

About YouProfit

As the Owner of Your Business,
you deserve to own a company that runs without you. A company that generates consistent, generous profits. A company that allows you to take time off to live life.

Check Out Some Examples of What He’s Done With Over 300 Business Owner Clients since 2006:

Coaching Areas

Strategic Planning Consultation

Many businesses benefit greatly from a Strategic Planning Consultation Process where Jon helps them build a plan for the next 1-3 years based on what/where their company is now.

One-to-One Coaching

Jon works with Small Business Owners and Service Professionals on a one-to-one basis helping them grow their revenues and profits, build better teams, improve efficiencies, improve their sales and marketing, develop strategic plans, and more.

Team Alignment Training

Jon will work with your team to identify different behavioral profiles and communication styles in order to build better camaraderie and teamwork. This is a half or full day event that Jon uses to fast-track results for companies with ten or more employees.

Client Results

Examine a few of the following examples of his clients’ results


in 7 years. $650k revenue to $1.8 Million in 18 months.


A line about the service you've mentioned above. Helped a client advertise and run a one night sales event for their service business that generated several months’s worth of profit.


in under 2 years. Paying off $1.5M in debt in 2 yrs and consistent positive cash flow and profits.

Jon has a system that helps companies double their sales, frees up time for the owners, and helps them enjoy their companies more.


& increased six figure income 250%. All of these are real, verifiable client experiences


Team problems holding the companies back to having a team that runs the business.


From no vacations in over 10 years to several vacations yearly.

What's Our Clients Say

Business Leaders Who Talk About YouProfit and Jon O'Malley

I have been working with Jon now for 3 years. He is a trusted advisor and personal champion. He helps draw the best out of me and I know he does the same for his other clients. I look forward to every interaction with Jon and I know I will always receive some new fresh bit of perspective or challenging question to sharpen the tools in my belt and pursue my calling at a higher level.
Jason Weimer
Gratus Capital, LLC
My business, Valley Custom Cabinets, started working with Jon back in 2007. He has helped us to learn that there is a difference between working "in" your business and working "on" your business. Because of this, with the economy the way it has been in the year 2010 we were able to have the highest sales and in 2011 we were able to have the highest gross profit the business has had since it started in 1992.
Beth Mondor
Valley Custom Cabinets
Jon, your ability to navigate through the minefield of business and our personal life is outstanding. You're a great listener, with quick sound business ideas. I like the way you're able to work through the debris of old advertising ideas and creatively reinvent, enabling us to gain new customers with healthier profits. Our staff is fired up with the new challenges which has also allowed me more personal time!
Dennis Lutynski
Skydance Pet Lodge
Since I began coaching with Jon O’Malley at YouProfit I have changed almost every aspect of my life (for the better of course!). If you read what Jon tells you to and follow through with your weekly goals and make 100% commitment to the program you WILL see the benefits just like I already have. I grew my company from under $500k revenue to just under $2 million in a few years.

Collin Merrill
Suburban Landscape Service
I truly thank God for bringing Jon O’Malley and YouProfit into our lives and business. In working with Jon we increased our sales dramatically, have been able to pay off an enormous amount of debt, have built a much better team, have gone from chaos to control, and have a business that is worth something if we ever decide to sell it. Jon has provided an incredible ROI for us! We highly recommend him.
Krista Joachim
Bear Buddies Child Care Centers

The 5 Things You Should Know About Business Coach Jon O’Malley​

Selected from thousands of business coaches worldwide, he has received a number of awards including Best Succession Planning-Global. In 2006, Jon became one of the youngest coaches to win the highly sought Action Man of the Year-North America award, and was a finalist in 2010 for North American SalesCOACH out of many hundreds of coaches. Jon ranks in the top 1% world-wide of all Business Coaches in Revenue (which means he has learned A LOT as a business coach and becomes much more valuable every year).
He gained expertise in marketing, sales, team development, and time management as owner and/or partner of businesses in several diverse industries: construction, food and hospitality, beverage, services, and recreation. He’s also spent over $250,000 of his own money to develop his skills in the field of Business Coaching.
He understands the dynamics and numerous challenges that affect this process. Just as important, Jon is passionate about seeing all businesses (and their owners!) become thriving enterprises.
He also has received his bachelors and masters degrees from Franciscan University in Ohio
In addition to extensive travel (over 30 countries on five continents), he enjoys outdoor activities, especially trout fishing, reading, and is an avid fan of the Minnesota Twins. Jon and his wife, Maria, have been blessed by the adoption of six of their children—Marta, Getahun, Yonas, Thomas, Peter, and Mari—from Ethiopia, followed by the birth of two boys, James and John Paul. Because of the lessons learned during and from his pursuits, Jon offers his clients an abundance of real-world knowledge and experience.
Jon has a passion for building the local community through small business.
“When you have a (good) coach that drives you, strategically plans with you, and holds you accountable, the results you can achieve in your business and in your life are astounding.”

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