How To Best Plan A Day of Work

So let’s talk about how to best plan out a day.

How do most people plan their days?

They make lists.

Yes, lists! Usually long lists.

But here’s the problem with long lists – ask yourself this question:

What things on my lists do I tend to do first?

Usually the answer is either “the easiest tasks” or “the quickest tasks”, because we like the feeling of crossing stuff off.

Now think of this:

What are those things on my lists that are usually the most productive and profitable things that I can do?

Answer: usually, the harder, more time-consuming tasks.

So, what most people do is they set themselves up in a process where on a day to day basis they get done the easiest and least profitable, least productive tasks first.

Now, think back to any day where you’ve had a long list. Did you get everything done on that list? The answer is almost always “NO”, and usually it’s “not even close”.

So, what this means is when you organize yourself this way, you’re setting yourself up for failure on a daily basis. The reason is that you’ll usually never get to the more profitable, productive tasks because of your daily demands.

If it were the case that you could ONLY work on this list, and have no other responsibilities, obligations, or interruptions other than what’s on your list, then you could probably get through a longer list.

But this is not the case for most people. Most people make a list of things that they need or want to get done that day, or the next day, but they are things IN ADDITION to the daily demands of their business.

On this next blog, we are going to talk about better ways to get things done – Time Discipline for Bigger and Faster Profits.

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