Most small businesses struggle in accomplishing what they set out to when they first bought or started their company. After working for years as a business coach with hundreds of small businesses, I have found that the most common reason for their struggles is that they are missing some of the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their industry. You see, most people are good at something and so they decide to do it for a living. For example, Jim is a great plumber so he decides to start up “Jim’s Plumbing”. Heck, he’s been a plumber for 12 years, he reasons, and he’ll obviously do better than his knuckle-headed boss. What Jim doesn’t know is that there is a lot more to being successful at business than just being good at something, or having a great product. What Jim didn’t realize when he set out could cost Jim a lot of pain, heartache, money, and relationship trouble. There are 3 main areas that a person needs to have sufficient knowledge and skills at to successfully build a company. They are: being the technician (doing the work), being the manager (making sure the work is done well), and being the entrepreneur (everything else that comes along with being a business owner). It’s mostly the last one that people tend to get hung up on. Most people don’t have as much trouble with being the technician, after all that’s what they were good at to begin with. And sometimes they’re even good at managing parts of the company. But more often than not business owners don’t spend nearly enough time learning and developing themselves as entrepreneurs. Being a good entrepreneur is sometimes difficult because it’s this part of the work that many business owners can get away with not doing (for a time) and their business will continue on. These are the things that are not pertinent to the day to day operations (manager role), or the fulfillment of the customers’ immediate needs (technician role). These are things like strategic planning, sales and marketing strategies, financial reporting, key performance indicator attention, developing the team, and so forth. Most of these are not critical to keeping the doors open today, and that’s why they’re often put off or procrastinated on.
As a business coach I help small business owners focus the proper amount of time and attention in these areas. I help them develop the necessary knowledge and skills to be better suited and able to grow their companies in an intelligent and profitable manner.
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